Recent Presentations

Philip Loots (PL) and Donald Charrett (DC) recently delivered the following training courses:

  • Singapore: Design and Build Contracts (PL)
  • Wellington NZ: FIDIC Silver Book and EPC Contracting (DC)
  • Yogyakarta Indonesia: DRBF Administration & Practice Workshop (DC with others)
  • Singapore: Dealing with Modified Contracts Under the New FIDIC Guidance (DC with others)
  • Hobart Tasmania: Practical Use of FIDIC Contracts; Management of Claims and Disputes; Managing FIDIC Contracts
  • Hobart Tasmania: The FIDIC White Book – Client/Consultant Model Services Agreement; Introduction to FIDIC Contracts
  • University of WA: Oil & Gas Project Development (PL)
  • Singapore: EPC Contracts for Oil & Gas Projects – from Feasibility to Operations
  • Johannesburg: Management and Administration of Contracts for Infrastructure and Power Sectors Masterclass (DC)
  • Singapore, Shenzen and London: Introduction to FIDIC Contracts (DC with Siobhan Fahey)
  • Johannesburg: EPC Contracts Management for Infrastructure and Power Sectors Master Class (DC)


The most recent papers presented by PL and DC include the following:

  • DRBF Conference Yogyakarta 2018: FIDIC Conditions of Contract New Edition 2017 and Dispute Boards
  • FIDIC Contract Users’ Conference Johannesburg 2018: FIDIC Golden Principles
  • FIDIC Contract Users’ Conference Singapore 2018: New Official Guidance on Altering FIDIC Conditions
  • FIDIC Contract Users’ Conference London 2017: New Official Guidance on Altering FIDIC Conditions FIDIC Golden Principles
  • IBA Conference Sydney 2017: FIDIC Golden Principles
  • TEN Webinar 2016: Getting the Most Out of Expert Witnesses
  • Gastech Conference Singapore 2015: Does $50/bbl oil require a new approach to delivering successful projects?
  • Consulting Engineer Sydney 2015: Design contracts from the Client’s perspective
  • FIDIC Asia Pacific Conference Singapore 2015:
     – Understanding Dispute Boards
     – When is a so-called “FIDIC Contract” not a FIDIC contract?
     – Case study on the Red Book
     – The White Book in practice – the business of Consulting Engineering
  • Law firm Melbourne 2015: EPC & EPCM Contracts, Fitness for Purpose
  • FIDIC Contract Users’ Conference London 2014: The Engineer’s Roles and Risks under FIDIC Contracts
  • Society of Construction Law, NZ 2014: The Engineer is dead. Long live the engineer!
  • Corporate Legal Excellence, and Fifth International Construction Law Conference, Kuala Lumpur 2014: Dispute Boards: Review, Adjudication or Avoidance of Disputes
  • FIDIC Asia-Pacific Contract Users’ Conference Shenzen 2014: Risk Allocation under the FIDIC Forms of Contract; Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • University of Melbourne 2014: Dispute avoidance and resolution